Friday, August 13, 2010

It’s my birthday …

Yes, it’s my birthday today! My gorgeous children and husband have spoilt me with homemade cards, hugs and lovely, thoughtful presents. I had a fancy lunch out with friends, and my family came over for pizza tonight. Perfect.

While the anticipation for an adult birthday does not match that of a child’s excitement for their own birthday, it’s still absolutely a day worth celebrating. I think as an adult, birthdays can become just as much of a measuring tool as a milestone. A bit like New Year’s Eve but without the fireworks. Time for a stocktake. Time to count your blessings. And there is plenty to be grateful for.

In this book by Helen Oxenbury, the little boy tells all his friends that:

It’s my birthday, and I’m going to make a cake.

Beautiful watercolour illustrations from Helen Oxenbury. Lovely story about everyone contributing. A funny, hold-your-breath ending. And it does end with cake, so all’s well in the world.

Lucky me, look at the cake my clever brother-in-law made! Would you like the last piece?


  1. I was one of those friends lucky enough to share the fancy lunch with the birthday girl. Hope you had a great day Karen, that cake looks good!