Friday, July 22, 2011

Melbourne outings

It's been a while since I've posted. But even though I've been busy with editing projects and writing courses, we've still been reading, of course!

Pamela Allen's book, 'Alexander's Outing', is set in Sydney but here in Melbourne, we have taken it to heart. During our own outings in the recent school holidays, we have quoted extensively from Alexander's mother, "Stay close, take care!" Most of the time it was a gentle reminder to my kids - but sometimes it was a rather loud or anxious quack!

Alexander and his mother and four brothers and sisters set out in search of adventure. But unlike his brothers and sisters, Alexander did not stay close or take care. So of course he gets into trouble, and it takes many interested onlookers and a brilliant idea to rescue him.

There are gorgeous, active illustrations which show all the drama and fun and problem-solving. Lots of white space so the flapping wings really stand out.

My two-year-old loves ducks, and loves this book because of all the "quacks". Remember this post? We might have to make some yellow playdough again. Or perhaps see whether Alexander has meandered down to a local Melbourne park?

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  1. We have quite a few Pamela Allen books, but not this one unfortunately! We also have a family of ducks that visit our estate each year which the kids love. Strangely enough there are also a flock of what appear to be wild geese around as well. We come across them randomly from time to time, but being geese we always look at them from the relative safety of the car!! Will have to look this one up... thanks!