Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Book borders

Often it’s only after the 85th reading of a picture book (because we do read them 85 times, don’t we?) that you notice the small details. Like the borders. We hunted down a few fabulous border books and found a whole array of styles.

We found Beatrix Potter’s neat squares, the curling ribbon around a nursery rhyme book, the tattered and torn paged look for a pirate book, an intricate border with highlights and shading, sequins and rick-rack for a felt-illustrated book and a border which included captions.

Tom, Annalise and I had a go at a few borders ourselves. Tom understood the pattern concept and decorated a menu with a squiggly border. I’d like to do this again, in particular with Annalise, as it’s a great way to practise patterns. And while technically I know that patterns are an important mathematical concept, I think it’s just good fun to swish a few paint brushes around!

By the way, Nicole at Planning with Kids asked me to write a guest post for her. I’ve started my Christmas preparations early this year and have written a post on our ten favourite Christmas books – have a look! Nicole has a brilliant blog about organising every aspect of your life so that there is more time to be spent with your kids. There is something for everyone there!


  1. Enjoyed your post over at Planning with Kids! Great idea from Meri - I am going to collect all of our Christmas books and pop them in a special corner somewhere to read with my gang. I am still reading your blog too. Hope that all is well over at your place - I am sure that you are busy. KLH

  2. very inspiring, Karen. thanks for sharing such mindful insights.