Monday, August 16, 2010

A soft, stretchy, slightly straight scarf

After I cleaned up the lunch dishes, tucked Baby Joe into his cot, discovered (and then dismissed) the mess in the family room, I really needed a cup of tea. In peace. So Annalise and I sat on the couch, with a pile of books, our own individual pile of books, and read. Except of course, that Annalise found my book more interesting than hers. And then the man from the bank called. And then Joe needed to be settled again.

But then, Annalise found this project for herself in Kelly Doust’s “The Crafty Kid”. And I thought, why not?

Kelly’s suggestion for a new, recycled scarf is an old t-shirt, but we found an old bunny rug instead. Stained but soft and stretchy. I cut a slightly straight scarf, avoiding the stains, then cut out a gorgeous red circle from Saffron Craig’s owl panel. (I have framed another of her owls in a wooden hoop - love them!) I blanket-stitched it onto the end of the scarf (you can also use overcasting stitches). Ta-dah!

Only took half an hour. Time for another cup of tea.

I think we will be creating a few more things from this book – there are patterns for an apron, a wonderful tablecloth, a little girl pinafore, a beanbag, a library bag. The emphasis is on recycling materials, and creating projects with and for children.

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