Friday, August 20, 2010

Being fancy

The first Fancy Nancy book
Meet Nancy. Nancy has introduced our family to an amazing array of descriptive words. She also taught us about “being fancy”. Annalise and I are quite fond of … “what is that fancy word? Oh, yes! – some accessories.” We gasp and say, “Ooo-la-la!” We drive in a limousine, not a car. When I ferry kids to school and kinder, I am no longer a driver but a chauffeur. We add the occasional French word in conversation because “everything in French sounds fancy.”

Note how the illustrations extend the story
Nancy is a sensation. She stands out in all her glitter, feathers, lace, bows and frills from her plain family. If you don’t know Nancy, you might think from this description that she might not be role model material. But Nancy isn’t pretentious. Oh no! She uses a mop and broom to create a canopy bed for herself. Sticky-tape is evident among the fanciness. This is not designer fancy but homemade fancy. Her parents and younger sister keep her well-grounded. There’s a disaster or two, with a lesson to be learnt. You would be more than happy for your daughter to visit their house, with such sensible parents. Your daughter would come home, though, thoroughly glittered, sparkled, frilled and speaking French. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hand-me-down boots for Annalise, with a broken zip that was 'fixed' using sticky-tape, so she could be fancy!
I love how Nancy lingo has extended our family vocabulary – “My favourite colour is fuchsia. That’s a fancy way of saying purple.” We are always finding a fancy way to say something. My sisters-in-law introduce their small daughters to a new ‘fancy’ word a day, thanks to Nancy. It’s wonderful to think that two-year-olds can use the word “splendiferous” in conversation!

Jilly's cot, comfortable but perhaps a bit plain
I love how the gorgeous, detailed pictures by Robin Preiss Glasser capture Nancy’s spirit. There is something new to discover on every page, even after the hundredth reading.

I love how my son at four and five found Nancy quite humorous and liked quoting her.

And I love being fancy with my girl!

Jilly's 'fancy' cot - paintbrushes and hairbands make a wonderful makeshift canopy bed!
PS. There are other Fancy Nancy books to be reviewed here. I’m just introducing you slowly, lest you feel too “understated” in her presence. Let me know if you have any Fancy Nancy stories to share.

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  1. I have a confession to make.
    I have a crush on the name Nancy.
    My husband turns up his nose, my mother (ironically) calls it plain, but every time I hear it I think of Nancy Drew or Nancy Sinatra and pester, 'But don't you think it's even a little bit cool?"
    Fancy Nancy= another point in my favour.
    Thanks! Am seeing so many books I can't wait to introduce my daughter to.