Friday, July 23, 2010

Carrot soup

A Melbourne winter day yesterday. Drizzly rain. Out and about in the morning. Ducking for cover between shops. Culinary inspiration hits at the supermarket. Let’s make carrot soup!

We borrowed “Carrot Soup” written and illustrated by John Segal from the library. The illustrations were done in pencil and watercolour – the watercolour makes the carrots look so real, as they show the graduations in colour. The story is about Rabbit, who plans his carrot crop, plants the seeds, watches and waits – all so he can make carrot soup. However, when he goes to harvest the carrots - something was terribly wrong at the carrot patch.  No carrots! Discouraged and disappointed, Rabbit went home. But there is a surprise for Rabbit - I think preschoolers will love the anticipation.

I really like the link between gardening and cooking. The story is bookended at the beginning with a picture of different types of carrots to grow or buy and finishes with a simple recipe for carrot soup. We made it yesterday Рsaut̩ your chopped onion and celery, add 5-6 grated carrots, a litre and a half of chicken stock and simmer for half an hour. Add salt and pepper, and some parsley or dill. I blended it a little but not too much РBaby Joe finds it easier to eat chunkier soup.

This book worked beautifully for us – a lovely new story from the library, Annalise felt proud of her carrot peeling achievements, Joe and Tom devoured it for dinner, and there’s enough left over for a freezer dinner. Everyone’s a winner!

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  1. A perfect Melbourne winter dish and carrots never seemed more appealing. I have some carrots that need peeling!!