Friday, July 30, 2010

Necessary and fashionable

I’m talking about shoes, of course.

One of Annalise’s all-time favourite books is "Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes" by Sujean Rims. Birdie -

… longed to wear her mother’s shoes. She loved her crocodile pumps and her summer peep-toes and all her strappy sandals …

When her mother allows Birdie to wear her shoes, Birdie

felt beautiful. She felt glamorous.
… She felt like a movie star.

However, it doesn’t take long before she realises she can’t do all her usual activities in heels. The moral of the story is clear and Birdie comes to love her

beautiful barefoot shoes most of all.

The illustrations are gorgeous. They are a combination of exquisite watercolours and brightly coloured collage and the result is stunning.

Annalise (and I!) are mesmerised by the double page spread of Birdie’s mother’s shoe closet. I’m sure there are Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blaniks there! Every time we read it, we spend a long time looking at that page and decide which pair of shoes we would like to wear that day. I always try to match whatever I’m wearing to a pair. A bit cooler – perhaps a pair of boots? If I’m wearing a skirt, maybe a pair of peep-toes or sling-backs? Maybe an elegant black or maybe a burst of contrasting colour? So much fun, this window shopping in books! Annalise, however, never deviates. No matter what the day, weather, outfit or occasion, Annalise chooses the pink mules with the floral lining. I tell you, the girl has taste.

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  1. Never too young to develop a thing for shoes! KLH