Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why books matter

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by books my whole life. My Mum read picture books to me as a child and has bought me beautiful books for every birthday and Christmas. My Dad read Roald Dahl’s books to us in the school holidays. I have worked in educational publishing. I do a small amount of work now as a freelance editor. But the most important work I do now is read to my three small children.

I read about superheroes and pirates and dinosaurs to my six-year-old son. We talk about the different methods the illustrator has used – is it watercolour or acrylic paint? I read stories about monkeys and shoes and frogs to my three-year-old daughter. Sometimes, she tells me to read the blurb first so we know what the story is about – even though we have read it eighty-five times already. I read rhymes and point at simple pictures with my 12-month-old son – sometimes I have to read really, really quickly before he flicks the page over!

Reading to my kids is one of the best gifts I can give to them – I’m giving them my time, my attention. And if I’m reading something wonderful, their language is richer, their view of the world is expanding and our connection is stronger.

Through this blog, I hope to offer some reviews of picture books and some ideas for connected craft and playing.

Happy reading!

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  1. A great idea Karen and all the best! I think about reading to my own children, especially my eldest who I read entire novels like Watership Down and Great Expectations to. Wonderful for both parent and child!